I learned so much from training with Michelle and she motivated me to be the best me possible and to love my body. She taught me how to properly train in my home without feeling stupid (which was super important to me). Michelle made exercising exciting! And not only did I gain so much physically but I also gained a great friend!!!

Laura H.

Online Training with Michelle has been a lifesaver for me and my busy teaching schedule. After a full day of teaching getting ready to go the gym is such a hassle. Having pre made workouts made just for me by Michelle has helped me immensely and I love that she’s always there if I need her.

Chrissy C.

Being a nurse and Mom is hard enough, finding time to the get the gym was out of the question. With Michelle’s training app it’s like she’s right there with me in my home telling me exactly what to do each day. The meal plan has been something I can stick with!

Angie M.

With online training I am able to train on my own schedule without having to step foot in a gym. I get the one-on-one attention I need and am able to message Michelle at anytime for support.

Jewel N.

Within just 3 Months I was finally able to shed the last 20 lbs I wanted to shed to reach my fitness goal. With Michelle’s Online Training I had a different exercise everyday so it never got boring. I love the feeling of finishing a workout and clicking “Check In” after my workout is completed, I feel amazing!


I wanted to get bikini ready for a destination wedding I was attending, and boy did I! While I was on vacation I was able to continue getting all my workouts in online with Michelle there to kick make sure I stuck with it.

Tina F.

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