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Busy Women On-The-Go Who Want To:

  • Trim & Tone
  • Rebuild & Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • Increase Mobility through Functional Movement

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Is This You?

You’re tired from working all day but the constant sitting, driving, and the stressors of work and/or kids have your body completely out of wack! Your body is talking back at you by not giving it the attention it deserves through poor sleep, lack of energy, irregularity, aches & pains, and extra weight in places you didn’t have just a few months ago. It’d be nice to get to the gym but there is just not enough time in the day. If you do get there, you just hop on the elliptical because you have no idea what to do as it all looks so confusing and intimidating. Does this sound like you??

Time To Take The Reins Back in Your Life and make YOURSELF a Priority!

Hi Ladies, it’s me, Michelle. Does the above scenario make you feel like you’ve just been called out center stage? I’ve worked with countless women in different stages of life who have felt helpless in their journey to becoming the healthy, confident, and empowered woman they know they are deep inside.
It is MY duty to help you become that Fierce and Fit woman who is impatiently waiting deep inside to come out and show you all the energy, vibrancy, strength, and motivation that you’ve had inside yourself all along. I specialize in training on-the-go women in various stages in life from pre-baby, post-baby, and youthful aging. I understand the importance of feeling in control of your health and quality of life.

How Does it Work?

After your free consultation over the phone discussing your fitness and nutrition needs, I invite you to my private Fierce & Fit app. I design YOUR customized daily workouts that are short clips of me showing you exactly how to do an exercise and what equipment to use for that particular exercise. I design each workout based off of your unique fitness needs and hold you accountable for these workouts as I am able to see exactly when you’ve completed them. Whether it’s in your home, work, or hotel room; I give you workouts that you do on YOUR time with minimal equipment needed. I design your very own customized meal plan and give you recommendations for healthy eating on-the-go. Schedule your 30 minute weekly Coaching session to set your goals, talk about exercise technique, nutrition, and getting past road blocks via phone call, skype, or facetime. With 24/7 messaging and weekly coaching sessions, the accountability is endless as I am not only your trainer, but your coach, and biggest cheerleader. I WANT you to succeed and take back charge of YOUR life!

So How Does This Online Training Program Work?

Balancing work and home life is hard enough, let michelle take the stressor away of trying to find time to get to the gym and figure out what to do when you get there; All workouts can be done right at home in just 30 minutes! With daily customized workouts you’ll be able to stay consistent in your routine while staying motivated to look and feel your best self. After completing your phone consultation and discussing your plan of action, you will be invited to login to the private Fierce and Fit app. YOU WILL SEE YOUR unique program layed out complete with meal plan and body stat log. EACH WEEK COMES WITH 5 UNIQUE WORKOUTS that only require 30 minutes a day. You will receive prompts each wednesday for weekly check ins w/ michelle to make sure you’re staying on track with personal coaching and guidance. With your very own meal plan and menu book you’ll never have to wonder what to eat/what not to eat. This meal plan will help you see results fast and make sure you’re eating the right foods to fuel your body. You will be invited to the online training group in the app to stay accountable and motivated with other empowered women in the program…Hello boss babes! Check out my youtube video below for a full app walk through.

24/7 Phone support through text and scheduled calls! Message Michelle at any time with ANY questions or if you need help. As your trainer, Michelle will be there for you every step of the way.

Customized Meal Plan and E-Book of Quick & Clean Recipes will be included in all training programs to help you trim & tone. Follow your meal plan with the training program and results WILL COME!

Daily customized workouts to help you achieve your unique fitness goals. Minimal equipment needed.

30 minute one-on-one coaching sessions via facetime, skype, or phone call to discuss goal setting, nutrition, fitness tips, and more!

Scheduled weekly check ins to ensure you're staying motivated to your program. If you're doing great that week let's celebrate!

Sync with the fitbit app so Michelle can track your calories burned and activity throughout the day. You can also sync your MYFITNESSPAL app so Michelle will be able to view your caloric intake and adjust as needed.

Less expensive than one-one personal training! 1 week of in person can cost up to $240 for 3 PT sessions while this online program gives you 5 sessions per WEEK!

Be part of the Fierce and Fit Training community in app to help support, communicate, and motivate each other along your fitness journey.

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Now Introducing .. F&F BRACELETS!

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20 Week

One time payment
$ 1700
  • or
    weekly payment of $86

16 Week

One time payment
$ 1400
  • or
    weekly payment of $89

12 Week

One time payment
$ 1100
  • or
    weekly payment of $95