F&F Bracelets

Remember WHERE you started, HOW far you’ve come, and WHERE you want to be!

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These Fierce & Fit Bracelets are unable to be bought individually. They are earned through your hard work and commitment to your Personal Training plan. Upon signing up for your training program you will receive your first PINK bracelet, then another colored bracelet every after for your completed Months of training. You will receive your BLACK RANK bracelet upon completing 12 Months of Personal Training and will be invited to post a picture of you and your testimonial of 12 Month Fierce & Fit journey.

1st Month: Pink Bracelet
2nd Month: Light Blue Bracelet
3rd Month: Purple Bracelet
4th Month: White Bracelet
5th Month: Teal Bracelet
6th Month: Yellow Bracelet
7th Month: Brown Bracelet
8th Month: Dark Blue Bracelet
9th Month: Orange Bracelet
10th Month: Green Bracelet
11th Month: Light Purple Bracelet